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I’m Andrew Mills, and I’ve been running AMBS since 1999 having been in the building trade since 1987. AMBS is a reliable, quality building company that will be pleased to help you create, extend or improve your property,whether you want a traditional approach, or an eco-friendly solution.

At AMBS, we specialise in new builds, as well as helping local home and property owners to enhance their existing living spaces through:

Saving the planet doesn’t have to cost the earth any more

At AMBS, we continue to build using traditional methods, but we are passionate supporters of environmental issues, and we are increasingly using eco-friendly building materials wherever possible, in line with our clients’ preferences.

It’s a little-known fact that cement is one of the most environmentally-damaging products used in constructions, so our clients really appreciate the resulting reduction in their carbon footprint when we use planet-friendly concrete instead.

We also try to use locally-sourced materials to minimise the impact of transportation,  and we take great care to recycle any materials we can, and try to keep the disposal of non-recyclable materials to a minimum.

Our careful selection of wall systems, roofing products, heating systems and concrete makes a real difference to the environment, and because they are proving so popular, the cost of these more sustainable options is now very close to traditional materials and equipment, and most of our clients believe that the small premium is a price well worth paying.

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Cement’s carbon footprint, and alternatives we can use

The worldwide cement market is booming due to the demands of urban construction, but the massive levels of carbon it uses has been fuelling research into environmentally-friendly alternatives to cement.

The differences between traditional and eco-friendly building techniques

There has been much debate in the construction industry recently regarding the merit of eco-friendly building and construction methods, compared to ‘the old ways’, and there’s no doubt that there is an unstoppable momentum in favour of new ways.

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