Buildings are a significant culprit of carbon emissions – accountable for 35% of total global energy consumption. Backed with over 30 years of international evidence, Passivhaus is a tried & tested solution that gives us a range of proven approaches to deliver net-zero-ready new andbuildings optimised for a decarbonised grid and augmented for occupant health and wellbeing. Passivhaus buildings provide a high level of occupant comfort using very little energy for heating and cooling.Passivhaus adopts a whole-building approach with clear, measured targets, focused on high-quality construction, certified through an exacting quality assurance process. For more on why adopting an efficient first approach is cruicial to meeting carbon targetsEnerPHit is a slightly relaxed standard forprojects, where the existing architecture and conservation issues mean that meeting the Passivhaus standard is not feasible.

Why Passivhaus?

Why Choose Passivhaus. It is important to understand the value & sound business case for building to the Passivhaus Standard; it is so much more than just world-leading energy efficiency and thermal performance. There are several benefits, and many are interconnected – creating a catalyst for positive effects. Low energy bills, constant fresh air, superior internal comfort, peaceful and quiet interiors - the list goes on. Learn why the Passivhaus approach is good for people and the planet. Get more detail in our Passivhaus benefits guide coming soon.

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